Sunday, 7 February 2016

DIY Concrete molds

Here I am again, with another DIY that might interest you.

I have been wanting to create concrete molds since quite long time, but never had a space where to put them on end. For now I have made just a little tealight holders, hoping once there will be enough space to create also some flower pots, some outdoor deco and who knows what else :)

For this project you will need:
- concrete (you can find it in any hardware store or order online)
- water
- wooden stick
- silicon forms
- old tea lights
- spray paint or acrylic paint
- Vaseline (optional help)

To start mix concrete with water, instructions should be written on your packaging. Be sure to mix it well enough so there are no lumps and on end you have consistency of a thick sauce or something like wet mud.

Fill your forms almost until the top and then let them dry for about 5 minutes. On end it should still be form-able, something like clay.

While you wait you can put some Vaseline on old candles - then its easier to get them out on end. I have also made it without this step - had no real problem of getting them out. So this is totally up to you if you wish to do it or not.

Once concrete starts getting its thickness but its still soft enough - clay consistency  start pressing old tea lights into it. Just go slowly and straight down. How deep you wish to go its again completely on you, I like to see part of tea light still looking out.

After this step let everything rest for at least some hours, best is over night. You will be then sure concrete has completely hardened.

Once this is done start removing your molds from silicon form, due to Vaseline I have managed to get just the candle out first, metal form after and then I could actually remove my mold out of forms.

At this phase I went over the holes with an old tea light again, just to remove any edge there might be left as well as using some sand paper on outside edges to smoothen them out. Like this your molds are ready to be painted - I have used silver and black spray paint, but you can also use any kind of acrylic color. In that case I would recommend sealing them with some transparent lack.

My final result turned out like this:

Hope you like them and would love to see what have you created :)

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