Sunday 31 January 2016

Valentine's decorations

Hey guys,

here is what I have created for this years valentine's decorations. You can find original blog about Valentine's day here:

1. Hot glue gun hearts

For our decorations I have printed some smaller hearts, about 5x5 cm in size. Just cover prints with some parchment paper and use hot glue gun to trace the shapes.

While its in cooling mode I have sprinkled some red glitter on it and then left it for about 15 min to completely cool down.

As end step you just spray them with clear spray in order to keep your glitter from falling off and complete flat shining :)

2. Styrofoam hearts

I have purchased some plain white styrofoam hearts online, perhaps you can find them also in your local craft store.

On them I have used some spray paints - make sure you are doing this either outside or having all your windows inside open!
Just use any colors you wish, I have used red and silver metallic.

As end result you will see something like this

Hope you like my crafts, let me know how yours turned out :)

1 comment:

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