Sunday, 31 January 2016

Valentine's Day

You either love or you hate valentine's day, right? Well there could be some in between I think. On end it comes to each of us to decide if you want to do something special on this day or simply treat it as any other day of the year.
Normally I'm not that excited about it, I mean on end it can't compare to Christmas or so. But if there is a chance I will take extra time and spend it with people I love.
Looking that this year it comes on Sunday and that both, my husband and me, don't have to work I have prepared some decorations and sweets just to enhance a mood a bit.

First I started with hot glue hearts. You can use them anywhere you wish, sizes and shapes are left completely on you. For our decorations I have printed some smaller hearts, about 5x5 cm in size.

As second decoration or better said something to go along with glue hearts I have purchased some small Styrofoam hearts and spray painted them.

For both crafts you can find complete blog here: Valentine's Decorations

What would be valentine without chocolate? For that reason I have prepared some pralines, chocolate ones of course.

For complete recipe please visit: Valentine pralines

I do hope you have the time to spend Valentine's day with ones you love and let every day be filled with joy and happiness.


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