Sunday, 31 January 2016

Valentine Pralines

What would be valentine without chocolate? For that reason I have prepared some pralines, chocolate ones of course.

You will need:
white chocolate
milk chocolate
dark chocolate
sugar hearts
silicon forms
optional: Nutella or any other cream filling

Start with melting your white chocolate in microwave. I have used 30 sec + 10 sec on 850W (duration may vary depending on your microwave, in case you are not sure how long you need set 10 seconds intervals)

To start sprinkle some of the sugar hearts into your silicon model and cover them with thin layer of white chocolate. Shake the form so you remove any air bubbles that might formed on bottom.

Let it cool down in fridge for about 5 min.
Continue with milk chocolate, melt it in same way as you have melted white chocolate and fill up your forms about 2/3 high and then shake it again. On this step you can also add a bit of Nuttela or any other cream filling of your choice into each form compartment and then cover it with milk chocolate.
Let it cool down again.
For the last step melt dark chocolate, fill the form up to top and shake it again.

Now let your pralines sit in fridge for about 4 hours until chocolate completely hardens again.

Retrieve them from form and you are ready to serve them.

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