Thursday, 21 January 2016

Almond chocolate balls || No baking

Hi everyone!
So after quite some years of spending good amount of quality time in kitchen I decided to share some of my recipes with you. I do love cooking, however baking or creating any type of sweet outcome is my passion. Yes my sweet tooth is quite big and it keeps growing :D
For today I will show you simple and easy recipe for delicious almond chocolate balls.
What you will need is:
  • 200g crumbled butter cookies
  • 100g powder sugar
  • 100g chopped almonds
  • 100g powder chocolate
  • 250g butter
  • 4 table spoons of rum (for alcohol free version you can replace them with milk)
  • vanilla

Chocolate almond balls
First thing we need to do is to crumble our butter cookies, I used help of my machine to shred them, but if you prefer larger pieces you can easily do it with help of plastic bag and rolling-pin.
Next step is to simply mix all ingredients. As you can see I mixed dark and milk chocolate for my recipe. Dark chocolate gives it that extra taste in my opinion and can't imagine good chocolate balls without any dark chocolate in it. This is however totally up to you, if you prefer milky style go all the way milky, if you like it half half you get my thumbs up and if you wish to do it with pure dark chocolate - I would be quite careful about it as you don't want your chocolate balls tasting bitter.
After you have everything together blend it until you have one huge giant chocolate ball. In case it becomes too liquid you can always add more butter cookies and almonds or in cases it's too dry to stick together just add another table spoon of milk (not rum, there is enough of alcohol already from start ;))

Once you are done with it put complete dough into fridge for good 2 or 3 hours. It will allow it to stiffen and you will be able to shape your balls in much easier and cleaner way.

To shape your chocolate balls simply grab a tea spoon of dough and roll it between your hands into tiny little ball. If you wish you can roll each in some chopped almonds, nuts, sprinkle them, roll in coconut flakes, ... Here you can show your creativity!
As last step you only need to place them in a nice dish and they are ready to be served ;)

In case you do manage to keep some until next day keep them over night in fridge or any other cold place to prevent them from going soft and squishy.
Hope you like them!

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